Roman Catholic Priest


-born in 1938
-ordained a priest in 1968 at Pontifical College, Dalat Viet Nam.
-Email address:
-Website: or
-address:           6015 Walker Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5E3B5. Canada.

                 Or    4492 Meridian St. Bellingham. WA 98226. USA


            -S.T.D Dogmatic Theology (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, 1973)

            -with Doctoral Thesis in French:

Relation entre Mystere Eucharistique et Mystere de l’Eglise selon Lumen Gentium” (Relationship between the Mystery of the Eucharist and the Mystery of the Church according to LG).


--1968-70            -Professor of French at Providence High School, Hue, Viet Nam.

--1970-71            -Vicar of Truoi Parish, Viet Nam.

--1971-73            -At Gregorian University, Rome, Italy.

--1973-78            -Director of Catechetical Center of Hue Archdiocese, VN.

                          -Founder of Traveling Catechetical Group

                                    (VHTM: Let’s Joyfully Sing The Good News)

                           -and Promoter of Pastoral Techniques for Youth Catechetical Contest.

--1975-76            -Director (at the same time) of Hue Minor Seminary.

--1987-90            -Chaplain of the Vietnamese Catholic Refugee Community.

                                    in PhanatNikhom Refugee Camp, Thailand.

--1990-2001          Co-pastor and Pastor of different Catholic Communities (French or English  speaking) in  Gatineau-Hull Archdiocese, Quebec, Canada.

--2001...            Starting Practical Theology Program For Lay People

                        With        -Website: or

                                       -and Presentation of the Practical Theology of the Mass

** (so far) to different Vietnamese Catholic Communities in Canada (4 comm.), in USA 14 comm.) and in Europe (13 comm. : Belgium, Danmark, England, Germany, Norway, Rome and Switzerland)

**with the topic: The Eucharistic Sacrifice: Source & Summit of the whole Christian life [LG 11], following the Liturgy of the Mass, step by step.


- Archbishop Steven NGUYEN NHU THE (Hue, VN;

- Archbishop ROGER EBACHER

            (Gatineau-Hull, Quebec, Canada;     

                                                  Eucharist and the Mass?