Catechetical Contest on Eucharist

on The Introductory Rites of the Mass

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100 Q: The people are gathered to be what?   Video 100-106

                A: To be the Church or the assembly of God.

101 The Priest approaches the altar with the ministers...

     Q: Whose the altar is the symbol?

                A: The altar is the symbol of our Lord Jesus:

                    it re-presents Jesus, and in Him are present

                    God the Father and the Holy Spirit.


102  Q: What for do the Priest and the ministers represent all of us?

                A: They represent all of us to approach God:

                        this is a procession, that means we,

                        the pilgrim Church, are going to God.

103  Q: What is the vocation nof human beings?

                A: Our human, and especially, Christian vocation

                        is to go to God, to approach God, to be in God,

                        to rest in God. Thatís the deep meaning of the

                        celebration of Mass.

104 while the Entrance Chant is sung.

      Q: Why do we have to sing?

                A: We sing out of joy because in the proceeding

                        of Mass we are approaching our God, our Jesus.

105 Q: Why do we have to sing together?

                A: We sing together to be one with the Priest and

                        the ministers, and through them, with the whole

                        Church, the whole Body of Christ, in our

                        communitarian procession to God.

106 Q: What is the effect of singing together?

                A: Because singing together, especially singing

                        a well-known chant, is one of the most efficient

                        ways to be really united body and heart.

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