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:     Video 107-111

107 Q. When he has arrived at the altar, after making a profound bow with
                    the ministers, What is the meaning of this profound bow?

108 Q. The Priest venerates the altar with a kiss. What is the meaning of kissing
                    the altar?
                A: Kissing the altar shows our veneration and deep love for Jesus, who is
                        our Lord, our God, and our Spouse.

109 Q. When kissing Jesus, symbolized by the altar, who does the Priest
                        represent and what for?
                A: When kissing Jesus, symbolized by the altar, the Priest represents our
                        liturgical assembly, the whole Church, the spouse of Jesus, to show
                        our spousal love for Him.

110 Q. and, if appropriate, incenses the cross and the altar. Can you give some
                        meanings to incensing the cros and the altar?
                A. -Incensing is an expression of reverence to God and

111 Q. Then, with the ministers, he goes to the chair.
                        Can you give some names used for the Priest and for his chair
                        during the Mass?

                A. The Priest is called presiding priest or priest celebrant.
                        Consequently, his chair is called presidential chair or presiderís