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To my brothers Parish Priests:

Perhaps the following comment of
one of our brothers in Christ Priest suggests you to TRY this DVD on  Eucharist for pastoral services:  adult education, convert classes, ...
Just a FRATERNAL suggestion !!!



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1) St. Anthony Parish, Streator, IL      and  
          2) St. Bonaventure Parish, Huntington Beach, CA: Parish Staff Retreat
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Pics of the Session on the Mass at St. Anthony Parish  (Lent 06)
Part of the Streator Session is already on DVD1 Eucharist Source and Summit

  This DVD1 was watched by Pope Benedict XVI (Read His Letter ?), even during his tense preparation for his visit to Turkey (28 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2006); by William Cardinal Levada (Prefect of the Congr. for the doctrine of the faith)  (Read His Letter ?), by Francis Cardinal Arinze (Prefect of the Congr. for Divine  Worship & the Discipline of the Sacraments), by Zenon Cardinal Grocholewski (Prefect of the Congr. for Catholic Education)... (Read Their Letters )

Read appreciation of this DVD1 by Archbishop Roger Ebacher?   Lire l'opinion de l'Archevêque Roger Ebacher sur ce DVD1?



Want to get this DVD1 Eucharist: Source and Summit ?                  


See Part of DVD2  Penitential Rite/ Liturgy in Heaven and on Earth/ Gloria/ Collect (end of Introductory Rites)  ???


  Mass (Texts/Pictures/Video) -- Interview by Mary Jo (fruits of the session)

--Contens of DVD1 Video of Eucharist Source & Summit